Ecotravelgame is a cooperative-educative boardgame where players rescue the world together.
Strategic, short, insightful and easy to play. A game that not only amuses, but also enriches.

A large-scale school test reports that players find it a unique, informative, and amusing experience. Furthermore, the survey proved that Ecotravelgame
– greatly promotes cooperation
reduces worries about the future
– makes sustainability easier to adopt and adapt to
– teaches you how to live healthier and happier through a sustainable lifestyle.

While playing the Ecotravel game the players:
– discover daily sustainable habits,
– learn to make important strategic decisions,
restore regions during ecological travel (ecotravel).

Rescuing the world and winning the Ecotravelgame has 2 winning conditions:

1. Regreen the world/Europe
Lower your footprint through daily sustainable habits, investments, and accumulated knowledge, and build up a footprint buffer. Use this buffer to offset your travel footprint. Travel sustainably to improve the ecosystem in every region. Restore each region until the full map is regreend.

2. Turn back the clock by 120 years
Individual efforts are not enough to rescue the whole world that we are part of. We must minimise our indirect harm to nature so that the global ecosystem can recover. Virtues do precisely this: sustainable decisions remove pressure on the planet so that it can restore itself.

Theme: sustainability, responsible travel, ecosystem recovery.

Category: cooperative, educational, environmental, family, travel, real-time.

The game can be played by 3-5 players.
Best played by 4 players, 12+ year olds, families or as team building.

There are 2 versions: EU, World.

Levels flexibly adaptable:
– to knowledge and age: quiz categories and subjects.
– to skills: play against the clock, various difficulty levels and semi-competitive mode.