the game in short

You LEARN BY PLAYING ecotravelgame

Sustainability and traveling may appear to be incompatible when it comes to our ecological footprint.

However, if we take into account the planet’s limits and adjust our behavior to the ecosystem,

WE CAN TRAVEL sustainably!

THIS IS where EcoTravelGame can help.

Playing the game helps you learn:

– how to create a footprint buffer to offset your travel footprint
– to make strategic decisions to turn back the ecoclock
– cooperation with others to rescue the planet together
within a limited time frame.


The key to success: learning through play

Gamification is a proven method of changing values and behavior
by creating an experience.


using gamification to shift mindsets: the game experience provides an alternative set of rules, allowing for a shift into reality


the challenge of climate change is global, just like the language of sustainability: English helps us use international keywords


learning through play is a natural and effortless process that promotes the adoption of sustainable principles, strategies, and healthy daily habits


the knowledge and sensitivity acquired have an impact beyond the game: it leads to reduced carbon footprint and less climate anxiety

Ecotravel bOARDgame

The key to success: flexibility and fast pace

Ecotravelgame is an easy-to-play, short yet challenging and fun game
for all players.


Ecotravelgame is an appealing and well-balanced game; the limited game time adds to the excitement of the game


the replayability is enhanced by the game’s modular structure, randomness, and customization, which allow for multiple playthroughs


Players learn that cooperation is key to saving the world, the more we cooperate, the better

Easy to start

the rules of the game make it easy and quick to start, while the complexity grows on the way

You learn by playing
Eco travel game

We must incorporate
responsible sustainable practices

into our decision-making, every day:


collect SUSTAINABLE DAILY HABITS to keep your footprint low


make SUSTAINABLE DECISIONS that protect the ecosystem


choose RESPONSIBLE ECOTRAVEL that supports the environment


find solutions through COLLABORATION to reach common goals

Curious about the game?

EcoTravelGame has gone through several steps since the idea was born. It had to pass the followings:
research on the subject from reliable sources
tests on the gaming experience and mechanics
design of the look and feel
– choice of sustainable materials and channels.


The gaming sessions are coordinated by a game master for minimum wasted time and maximum joy


Playing with the game reduces climate anxiety, encourages cooperation, and gives practical knowledge  


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what the players say:

The design of the game is really nice, the content is very informative and entertaining at the same time


I learned a lot…it was very nice to cooperate with others to save the planet, we worked all together


Playing with the Ecotravelgame is learning about the environment and the problems in a fun way


The rules

Soon you can download the rules here…


You can use this video as a timer:

Video (on it’s way)

A how-to play video will be here soon…

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