The story of the EcoTravelGame

#1 – the birth of an idea

The story of the ECOTRAVELGAME began during the summer of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic COVID19.

Due to the pandemic a lot of people lost their jobs but not only the working conditions changed suddenly and drastically. Everything slowed down or stopped completely. As if it was a reset of the world. The great stillness affected those too who did not get ill from the virus: some panicked, others were thinking…

When I got fired in a very ugly way, the rat race stopped for me too. All of a sudden I was happier. I did not feel emptiness, but calmness and that this was the normal state of mind and not the rat race. I realized that the system is completely l’art pour l’art where people and the planet are suffering. Furthermore, we all know this, and still, we keep on playing our roles in the show.

So, in this world set on hold, something started growing in my head: a simulation, a game that takes us away to another world where other rules are in place. A world, where people are not struggling and competing to get more money and power but cooperate to become healthier and happier.

To be continued…